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He received the DJ'ing virus from a friend Roy, who brought him in contact with his vinyl records and Technics 1200SL turntables.
In this period, he supported him and gave him valuable feed-back to learn.

In the club "Kings & Queens" he debuted and he was still nameless.
This performance was a big succes and an artistname had to be thought of.
The owner asked what his artistname was and E-Quake! occured directly because a girlfriend called him E-Quake! everytime he stood behind the mixer and mixed his music.

Just in 2011 E-Quake! will also perform under the name Gentalica.
This is a project by Alphaverb and E-Quake !The result is the track "Trip & Ride", released in may 2012 under the UK label Digitally Infected.

His roots lies in (Hard) trance music, but he also plays with the same passion other styles (like Techno, Minimal, Harddance and Techtrance), aslong as they have the same strong vibe as his style of playing music, firm beats to stimulate and provoke the crowd.
The interest in the house scene can be called broud and is constantly developing.

The most important thing as a DJ, is the energy that the audience gives.
His reward is still the shivers that he gets from the music he plays and the fantastic reflexion that the crowd gives him every time he performs.

Simply with pure sensation and passion !

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